Aries has always been looked upon by astrologers as a fiery and masculine sign. Consequently, those dominated by its influence were  ’commanding, choleric and violent’. The typical Arian personality (whether biologically male or female) as having all the virtues and vices traditionally associated with masculinity.

Thus, the Aries woman tends to dominate a relationship, to take the lead in joint activities, and to be both boisterous and extrovert. Similarly, the Aries man is outgoing, confident of his own virility and, on occasion, the archetypal male chauvinist. Success in career matters is as important to the Arian personality as it is in his or her emotional life . The Arian wants to get to the top - and he or she is usually very good at doing so in any field which calls for plenty of energetic activity, physical or mental.

Men and women of note in whom Aries characteristics have been predominant have included Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, Louis Armstrong; the painter Vincent Van Gogh; the novelists Emile Zola and Georges Sand; and conductor Leopold Stokowski.

Sexuality and the Emotions

The typical Arian tends to be dominated in his or her emotional life by a need to express a burning sexual drive. This can lead to an emotional selfishness which, at its worst, can amount to an arrogant disregard for the inner needs and feelings of partners and close associates. Often, however, the sexual egotism of the Arian is tempered by a more romantic side; this largely prevents him or her from indulging in a selfishness which would inflict emotional trauma on others.

General Characteristics

 ’Choleric’ is the word which would have been used by the physicians of three centuries ago to express the typical Arian psychology, in other words, ‘fiery’, pugnacious and, on occasion, extremely bad-tempered and dangerously impulsive.

The choleric psychology of the Arian often begins to find expression in early childhood, sometimes in temper tantrums, more often in a precocious adventurousness and spirit of enquiry. This last is more usually directed towards practical rather than theoretical ends; an Arian child is more inclined to take a clock or radio to bits in order to see ‘what makes it work’ than to bother his parents with questions about the nature of clockwork or electricity.

In later life these childish characteristics take the fonn of an ‘outgoing practicality’ - a concern with the nuts-and-bolts aspects of reality rather than its theoretical concepts. In other words, the Arian is concerned with tactics rather than strategy. This does not mean that the Arian is not an intellectual; but Arian intellectualism is rarely divorced from the world of everyday things. Thus, for example, the Arian intellectual is more likely to be drawn towards applied rather than pure mathematics; more likely to be an engineer than a theoretical physicist; more likely to be a sculptor than one who makes a profound study of the philosophy of aesthetics.

The same practicality is apparent in every aspect of the Arian personality. The Arian judges others by their deeds, not their words; is concerned with the effects of others’ actions, not their purposes; and is detennined to influence what actually happens, not to analyse it.

The Arian wants to control reality - not to be controlled by it or even to understand it. Careers which are not in some way concerned with material reality cannot satisfy the Arian. His or her job must be concerned with the control of natural things and/or other people.

Manipulation, whether of things or people, is an Arian characteristic.

Thus, for example, they make adequate social workers but not social workers of genius. In other words, they are good at moulding clients to the Arian pattern and setting them on the right path - in Arian tenns. They are, however, rarely able to achieve the goal of the outstanding social worker - to bring out the fundamental nature of a client, to enable him or her to express their inner nature successfully in the social environment. The pure Arian, for the same reason, makes a better leader than a follower; he or she is not an ideal team-worker because Arians are incapable of understanding the need for self-expression in anyone but themselves.

In general, Arians make better innovators than administrators. They are better at starting a project off than keeping it running; better at metaphorically speaking -launching a ship than sailing it. In work, as in all aspects of their lives, they are forceful, finding it difficult to cope tactfully with either active opposition or the passive opposition of inertia.

Excerpted from ‘The Complete Fortune Teller’ by Francis X King

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Men Are Like Cows

You let them roam an entire field and they dont move an inch, you put a cage around the field and they break through it!


TINDER GIRLS, ok, so you’ve been talking to one of your tinder matches a little more seriously for a while…

Maybe he just gave you his number, or maybe you’ve actually gone on a couple of dates. Regardless of the situation, there is always that lingering and most frequently asked question of the 21st century: “Should I text him first?”

According to your grandmother and every confident woman, you let the man initiate. The whole theory of guys being hunters and liking to chase their prey in order to feel fulfilled is true, and in many social situations the guy should make the first move. However, when you meet someone on tinder the rules don’t really apply. That is why tinder is so ingenius. It has been a game changer and rewritten the rule book. Instead of wondering if you’re making the first move tinder makes it for you. After all, the bottom line is if a man is interested he will let you know. If you’re a match, you automatically know he is interested! It literally takes away all the weariness of not knowing if its appropriate to message him or not. Once you’re a match, you’re always allowed to message him first! In fact, its endearing and strong of you. 

What happens after things are taken off the app is a different story. After hanging out in person, be a lady and let him court you. He can contact you first, you know he already likes you so why not be a bit mysterious and let him wonder where you are and how he can catch your attention next. We asked our users to give us some feedback on the topic and here are some examples.

Tindergirl asked Sarah, 25 year old fashion consultant:

Before tinder I was constantly stressing out over this topic. I could not deal with waiting for them to message me, I would get so obsessive over stupid things like “Why hasn’t he messaged me?” “Maybe he lost his phone” “Is he playing hard to get?”. If he did message me the stress would only get worse. “How long do I wait to respond?” “Do I play hard to get?”.  I would meet a guy and we would exchange numbers and I would be in this constant waiting game. Tinder changed my life because if I am interested in someone, and we become a match I don’t even have to think twice about instigating a conversation because it’s clear we are both eager to speak to one another. This literally jumpstarted my dating life. I am now dating an amazing guy from the app pretty seriously. We never had to deal with the who texts who first because Tinder took away all the stigma and game playing. My advice is to seriously use tinder if you have the same problems I had before. If you meet someone separately from Tinder, I would say let the guy message you first because you can’t be sure of his interest level in you. Guys do like the chase, bottom line. 

Tindergirl asked Abby, 21 year old student/writer/producer:

I matched with a boy on tinder a couple months ago and he also happened to be in my class. He was so cute and I always had a crush on him. I was always too scared to text him before tinder but since we were a match and that meant we were both interested I felt comfortable texting him first. I am so glad I did because it gave me the confidence I needed to know he was already interested. Had I never matched with him I would have been so anxious and insecure that he would have literally been able to smell my fear and it would have been a turn off. Confidence is the most sexy thing to a man and tinder gave me that boost. So, to answer the question I think you can always message him first if you have matched on tinder because you know he expects it and already put himself out there. 

We even asked some male tinder users and they all agreed that tinder erases the stigma of who talks to who first. 

Tinder girl asked Scott a 26 year old Entrepreneur his thoughts:

I think girls should understand that guys like to feel as though they are accomplishing something, winning a prize. They want to show the girl they are interested first. Normally, at a bar or something I will see a girl I want and I will go after her if I see she has expressed some interest. Tinder is brilliant because the guy already expressed his desire to talk to the girl and then if you match I think its cool when the girls speaks first- in some cases if she is funny it even makes her stand out. If I give a girl my number its because I want her to message me. If she messages me within an hour or a day it won’t make much of a difference. Guys dont analyze time like girls do, its all the same. I will say that if I hook up with a girl or go out with her I dont think its her job to reach out to me afterwards. Im the man, I should probably be making the effort. Girls- be confident and don’t ever act desperate  ALSO, don’t hook up with a guy right away, when we talk about the chase we are referring to this much more than a text, use your heads :) The longer you make a guy wait, and the harder he has to work, the more rewarding it will be when he gets you, and the more special you will automatically become. This is if you’re looking to be regarded as special of course. The more you try to trap a guy the more he wants to run, confidence and no desire to lock him down will make him more inclined to be with you. 


Moral of the story girls, once you have their interest… go ahead and initiate conversation. Once you meet in person, let him be the one to talk to you first after that. Remember, men are like cows ;)


Tinder girl. MOO. 



Hi there Tinder girls..

Yes, this is happening, a real live Tinder blog. This blog is for you, the modern day girl who is busy keeping up with her busy and exciting life (which is why you love Tinder so much, right? )  

Well, there are other reasons you love it too. Tinder is about as close to primitive human iteration gets, as far back as time goes, someone thinks another someone is cute, then they approach or pursue them. Tinder’s simplicity proves the point that It isn’t because of their love for corduroy or strolls on the beach, its all about that initial attraction and shared friends + interests. Even the Man Repeller agrees…

I am a Tinder girl myself, but the only difference is I am reporting to you from inside the world of Tinder, behind the scenes if you will. I am here to give you daily updates on everything from outfit ideas, answer your dating questions, and provide you with random inspiration …. and anything else you can think of. I want to hear all about YOUR experiences with Tinder. I want you to share everything and anything even ask me questions!

I thought a fun way to start this off would be with some fun first tinder date outfit ideas. I have had a lot of my girlfriends call me saying “WHAT DO I WEAR?! Im meeting my match tonight, Help!” 

So, here are some initial suggestions… 

First Tinder date outfit ideas…

First dates are almost as important as first impressions. In a Tinder girl’s case, they are the first impressions. The good news is, we already know he thinks you are cute (Thanks tinder) ! 

Spring is finally here so it was only appropriate to put together some looks for the upcoming events…. chances are you will be going to a fun outdoor dinner with a match soon so look one is the perfect way to show him that you are a classy girl but with a little bit of edge. Tinder girls are classy. All of them. That is why it’s important to dress the part. 

Coachella will be Tinder mayhem. I am sure you will be seeing a lot of your matches as well as finding a ton of new ones. The look for coachella couldnt be more perfect. An ankle bootie with cut off shorts and a vintage cropped tee is the best way to go. We know you are going to be overheating so dont forget a spritz of creed, it lasts all day and is the best spring scent! 

Spring Break this year will be similar to last year the only difference is Tinder. Now you arent limited to the same old annoying frat guys from your school. It is time to branch out and tinder is for sure the easiest, safest, and most effective way to go about it. When you are out on the beach dont forget to wear your cutest suit and lather on the sunscreen.